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Is China Solar Energy Helping the World

2011 July 28
sunset china

The raging tiger Economy of China has seen the country take leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Many of these advancements are overlooked when Western Nations point the finger and shout Democracy. Freedoms are desirable and so are a lot of other aspects of life. China is becoming the a world leader in [...]

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IKEA and The Solar Rooftop

2011 July 19

IKEA a name synonymous with a Scandinavian style of furniture is also taking steps into the green revolution. Not only do they sell green products like the LED Light bulb but IKEA are also making their stores more environmentally friendly. IKEA is making their stores more efficient with solar energy. Already shoppers can choose their [...]

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Weird Sahara Breeder Project

2011 July 14
Sahar Desert and Camels

Renewable energy is still thought to be a bit on the weird side for some people but fortunately the number is small. Sometimes even for those a bit more knowledgeable of the wonders renewables come across idea that make them raise and eyebrow. The Sahara Breeder is one such project dreamt up in the minds [...]

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Italy Increases Solar Energy Targets

2011 July 11
by Wispa

The people have recently turned they back on Nuclear Energy and have directed themselves into Solar Energy. A capacity of 8GW by 2020 has already been passed. The Italians voted “NO” to Nuclear Energy in a recent referendum and have taken on solar energy in a big way. The Country had set an ambitious target [...]

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Increasing Wind Power in China

2011 July 8
by Wispa

China is becoming the world leader in Wind Energy Production and leaving other counties flapping behind. The hunger for energy has made developing greener options extremely viable. China has gone for wind in a big way with growth in wind power being more than any other forms of renewable energy production in the country. They [...]

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Hybrid Cars Stepping up the Juice

2011 July 6
by Wispa

The Toyota Pirus series of hybrid cars have been extremely popular since their introduction in 1997. The combination of gasoline and electric has offered a stepping stone to full electric vehicles. Toyota along with the other main players, Nissan and General Motors are leading the push in Hybrid Technology although it would appear that Toyota [...]

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Concentrated Solar Power Still out of Focus

2011 June 28
Concentrated solar power

Concentrated Solar Power, or Solar Thermal, is one of the more costlier renewable energies around and this have reflected in the low uptake of the technology. Solar energy is something most people know about but their ideas are mainly of solar photovoltaic. This is the direct conversion of sunlight in to electricity. Photovoltaic is not [...]

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Whats Next for Electronic Readers

2011 June 25
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by Wispa

Portable devices are in common use now and advancements in renewable technology has made steps to make them even better. eReaders are a favorite with travelers who like to catch up on a few chapters of their latest books. Solar Powered eReaders The obvious advantage of an eReader is clear when you think of the [...]

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Germany to throw out all Nuclear Power by 2022

2011 June 24
by Wispa
Nuclea Power Station

Germany is the latest European country to make the big nuclear decision. The nation will be nuclear free by the year 2022. The waves of anti-nuclear feeling is spreading across the European Continent with Germany being the latest country to ditch nuclear energy. Germany has currently 17 nuclear reactors. After the earthquake in Japan that [...]

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Aquamarine Oyster Expands on Wave Energy

2011 June 23
by Wispa
Aquamarine Power Oyster wave power generator

In Scotland, Aquamarine Power is pushing development of its wave power generator. The company is about to install its second Oyster machine in the coming months. Wave Energy has been overshadowed by more prominent renewable energy forms such as Wind and Solar but there has been progress and some failures over the years. Aquamarine has [...]

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