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Largest Solar Powered Office opens in China

2009 December 23
by Wispa

November the 27th has seen the opening of the worlds largest solar powered office building.  The massive complex has been built in Dezhou, China and covers an area of 75 thousand square meters.

China Solar Hotel

Facilities incorporated into the structure include an exhibition center and hotel along with scientific research facilities.  Environmental aspects have been used throughout the construction of the building and can achieve a energy saving of 30 percent more than the national energy saving standard.

Mounted on the roof of the building are around 4,500 square meters photovoltaic solar panelling which will help provide nearly all the electric needs of the facilities. In addition water usage will be generated from Solar desalination.

The Building will hosts The Fourth World Solar Cities Conference which takes place next year (2010) in September.

China is a fast developing country and has a desperate need for electrical generation. While fossil fuelled power stations will produce a large portion of this energy the country is embracing renewable forms of energy production such as solar and wind. This maybe much easier than other countries where unclean methods have already been established and are proving hard to move aside.

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