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Whats Next for Electronic Readers

2011 June 25
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by Wispa

Portable devices are in common use now and advancements in renewable technology has made steps to make them even better. eReaders are a favorite with travelers who like to catch up on a few chapters of their latest books.

Solar Powered eReaders

The obvious advantage of an eReader is clear when you think of the size of a pile of 1,000 paper books compared to the size of one little tablet. There are two light problems here. The first one is how can you choose a title to read among the massive selection. The solution of that one is down to you. The second is energy. while electronic ink readers are already efficient, the batteries do run out of power just when you want to use them.

The solution here is solar energy. Currently there are many solar chargers on the market and these work well keeping you gadgets topped up while you are on holiday. The next ideal solution is to make the devices and solar charger integrated. There are already eBook readers, like the Biblio leaf, on that market that have this functionality and we can expect many more in the coming years.

Readers with Touch-screen

Now that we have them all charged up how about few extra features. Touch Screen has taken off since the iPhone came on the market. This is now becoming available on many devices and buttons are becoming nearly obsolete. Devices like the Kobo Reader bring this to life.

Electronic Ink screens are of a slight different technology that is used on other touch-screen devices. This means the designers have to come at the problem from a slightly different angle by using infra-red light. Now we can have virtual button and page turns at the stroke of a finger.

The future can only lead to more exciting innovations. Typically I am not a “green” person but anything that reduces my need to be plugged in some how makes me quite pleased. Take a look back a mobile phones since they first appeared, they were the size of a small suitcase. Now they include your massive hi-fi system and record collection, your video came console, Internet connection and sometimes people still use them as phones. All this in something that fits in your pocket.

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