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Ikea to stop selling Incandescent Bulbs

2011 February 1

Incandescent Light bulbs are becoming so last century. With many countries already introducing bans on their sale retail stores are leading the change.

The Giant Retail chain Ikea has started to phase out the sale of incandescent light bulbs in the USA. One cause of this is the Energy Independence Act of 2007 which will stop the sale of incandescent light bulbs which comes in to effect in 2012.

Already many consumers have become aware of the newer Compact Fluorescent Lights and ideally the long lasting Light Emitting Diode and have switched to the energy saving technologies. Many of those consumers are not even aware that the Act is in place and the ban will exist.

For those still living in the dark ages, 2012 will see you forced to change and forced to save money!

These new bulbs, CFL and LED, consume 20 percent of the energy needed to power an incandescent. This therefore means you will save 80 cents in every dollar you currently pay for lighting.

Ikea are one of the giants anticipating the change and no only sell energy saving light bulbs. Along with new innovated lighting designs that were not possible with old style lighting.

Incandescent are very wasteful, while producing the same amount of light as LED’s, they used more energy and this is normally turned to heat. This actually inhibits their use unlike the LED which practically produced no heat. The end result is much more innovation in lighting design and I am sure Ikea will be at the forefront.

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