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Sunnan Solar LED Lamp From IKEA

2009 July 15
by Wispa

The Sunnan LED desk lamp, from IKEA, is something worth considering. Both for its innovative solar design that helps up save our environment but for also the added bonus from IKEA called the SUNNAN LAMP CAMPAIGN.

For Every Sunnan Lamp sold by IKEA, they will donate  a similar lamp to UNICEF, the United Nations Childrens Education Fund. The fist set of donations will go to UNICEF in Pakistan to help help children that were displaced by unrest and a recent major earthquake.

Sunnan Led Solar LampRemote villages and refugee camps have a severe lack of electrical power and when the sun sets there is no means of generating light economically for those affected. The Solar Led Lamps ingeniously charge themselves through the day and will enable children to continue their education and  do their homework after the sun sets for around 3 to 4 hours each night. Using LED lights consumes 70% per-cent less energy and have a lifetime use of up to 4 time longer  than incandescent bulbs.

While there is no doubt that these lamps will benefit children in need, the Sunnam Led Solar Lamp will also benefit you. It is ideal for any desk or table to give that illumination when you need and being IKEA it has that Scandinavian style that we all just love.

Powered totally by solar energy and requiring no mains electrical input. The Sunnan Led Light sells for US$19.99 in IKEA stores, so for under twenty dollars you can be helping yourself go solar as well as helping the education of a child in need.

Sunnan LED Light From IKEA.

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