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Egypt Goes with Wind and Solar Energy

2011 February 9
by Wispa

The North African country of Egypt has long term plans for renewable energy. Using both Wind and Solar Energies the country hoped to make use of its ideal location in the African Continent.

Egypt Pyramids Sunset

The initial target of generating renewable energy will be 12 percent of it’s demands from wind energy alone. This ambitious project would see over 2,500 megawatts of wind generating turbines over the next five years.

In addition to wind power, Egypt has it`s eyes on solar energy. Up to 1 Megawatt is planned for solar energy production to be completed over a ten year period.

This month will see the inauguration of Egypt`s first Solar Thermal power station. Located in Koraimat, the plant will produce around 140 megawatts of energy.

Egypt and many other Countries in North Africa and the Middle East are ideally suited for Renewable Energy production with regular wind direction and one of the highest rates of sunshine in the world.

This puts these countries at an advantage for energy exports. Alongside the construction of renewable energy facilities will be the infrastructure for connecting Egypt to Europe as a likely customer.

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