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IKEA and The Solar Rooftop

2011 July 19

IKEA a name synonymous with a Scandinavian style of furniture is also taking steps into the green revolution. Not only do they sell green products like the LED Light bulb but IKEA are also making their stores more environmentally friendly.

IKEA Store

IKEA is making their stores more efficient with solar energy. Already shoppers can choose their household furnishings in stores that are powered by Photovoltaic solar arrays mounted on the roofs of the stores. If your picking up your new European styles in Pittsburgh, Tempe or Brooklyn then you may be shopping with a store powered by renewable energy.

All across the country IKEA is installing or planning to install renewable energy California and Colorado. This even extends across the Canadian border to Toronto.

The new store under construction in Denver, Colorado will have 60,000 square feet of solar energy production on its roof. This will consist of around 2,200 Photovoltaic solar panels producing nearly 500 Kilowatts of energy. For those concerned with CO2 then this store will prevent the emission of of nearly 600 tons of carbon gases each year.

In IKEA’s home country, Sweden, the home furnishing company has made it a goal to have all its stores powered by renewable energy sources. This is to include wind generation which the company already has made progress.

A plan to build a wind power station in Dalarna, Sweden, will produce around 70GWh of renewable energy each year, this is approximately equivalent to the energy used by all the IKEA stores in Sweden.

Wind power already generates energy for it’s stores in France and Germany.

IKEA is one of the more environmentally conscious companies around has over 300 stores in 38 countries around the world.

Image: dailyenergy

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