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Is China Solar Energy Helping the World

2011 July 28

The raging tiger Economy of China has seen the country take leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Many of these advancements are overlooked when Western Nations point the finger and shout Democracy. Freedoms are desirable and so are a lot of other aspects of life. China is becoming the a world leader in many ways and one in particular to LifeAlternate is renewable energy.


sunset china

Helped by its relatively low cost economy China has advanced in solar energy production and solar installations. Achievable Targets are being renewed. Having already aimed for a solar capacity of 5 GW the country is about to double this to 10 GW of solar energy production by the year 2015. Longer term targets could be seeing the country produce 50 GW by 2020.

There is an undeniable connection between production and cost. The more solar energy China installs the more the cost comes down. This is a great benefit to the rest of the world making the price very comparable with much more polluting form of energy production.

China’s rapid development requires a desperate need for energy. A large focus has been on the somewhat cheaper but extremely environmentally unfriendly coal power stations. We all agree this is the wrong direction but it has given China a little breathing space to shift the focus of energy production on to renewables.

If China gains more of the world production of solar photovoltaic panels that would bring down the cost. For the rest of the world cheaper solar energy can only be a good thing. The benefits of renewable energy are too important to get political about.

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