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Solar Photovoltaic World Production

2009 June 3
by Wispa
Solar Array

Solar Array

Commercial large scale photovoltaic arrays are starting to spring up more and more around the world. At the moment there are many government sponsored enticements for energy tariffs and every day we hear the news of more. There is no doubt that solar power production is at the moment more costly than other forms of energy, but without the guarantee of being able to sell your energy produced, investment would not be as easily forthcoming. As of 2008 the production capacity of the world stood as the following…

1.Spain 2,511 MW
2.Germany 1,500 MW
3.USA 342 MW
4.South Korea 274 MW
5.Italy 258 MW
6.Japan 230 MW
7.Czech Republic 51 MW
8.Portugal 50 MW
9.Belgium 48 MW
10.France 46 MW

…in 2009 we can expect those figure to increase dramatically but with the world consumption measured in Terra Watts(TW) rather them Megawatts (MW) there is still a long way to go.

It costs more, so why should we do it.

Globally there would be no benefit if we looked only to tomorrow. As we look forward to 2015 and beyond we start to see energy problems arising. If we waited until it was too late we would be left in the dark and possible more  conflict over the ever scarcer fossil fuel resources. There are plus and minus effects associated with large scale photovoltaic solar arrays, cost, reliability of output and environmental impact for the minus.

But the plus benefits will outweigh those in the long term and not all are closely connected.. The need to scour the world for the last drops of fossil fuel will lessen and thus bring us in to less associated conflict.  As solar is clean and quiet, the pollution is much less which means your long term health will improve. As we start to include the reduced costs of the knock on effects, less pollution associated health problems, the costs of clean up caused by carbon pollution of land and rivers. Even down to the need to buy less window cleaner to wipe away that carbon , the overall cost become much lower.

Unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way. So the need for tariffs is important. The only way to increase the currently more expensive solar energy production is by tariffs until the technology advances and production can compete of even better the costs of  current CO2 emitting power plants. Some years away, those countries that have some part of state funded health will see a reduction of the costs of medical treatment, such as breathing associated illnesses.

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