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Weird Sahara Breeder Project

2011 July 14

Renewable energy is still thought to be a bit on the weird side for some people but fortunately the number is small. Sometimes even for those a bit more knowledgeable of the wonders renewables come across idea that make them raise and eyebrow.

The Sahara Breeder is one such project dreamt up in the minds from Universities in Algeria and Japan How does a project that would provide 50% of the world energy by 2050 sound. The ambitious idea is to take place in the Sahara desert which has an abundance of sand.

Silica would be extracted from the sand and then manufactured in to solar panels. These solar panels in turn would be used to power more silicon extracting factories and more photovoltaic solar panel factories to build more solar power plants and so on and so on. Constantly increasing the capacity.

Eventually there will be enough solar energy being produced to power 50% of the worlds needs. That is provides the technology exists to make it happen. Turning sand in to silicon used to make the solar panels is not yet possible nor is the capacity to send large amounts of energy through cables around the world.

North Africa is ideal for solar projects with its abundant sunshine and the vastness of uninhabited areas and many countries are using this resource for themselves. There is also another ambitious project, Desertec, involving Europe and a wide range of renewable energy projects along North Africa and The Middle East.

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