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Electric Cars Need Energy

2010 May 5

The electric vehicle is not a new concept and has been used for specific purposed for many years. There have been some demonstration and experimental cars but not is the time for them to go mainstream.

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These truly electric vehicles may look the same on the outside but under the hood they are quite different altogether. The most obvious and important difference is the internal combustion engine is gone and replaced with an electric motor. you do not have a gas tank but instead your have a bank of batteries for power. Ignoring those big differences then it just looks like and ordinary car and should drive just as well.

Now that the fuel has been replaced with electivity for many new vehicles coming on to our roads we will start to notice and be aware of a few changes.

Probably the most important one is pollution. Cleaner air mean much more that being able to see bluer sky.  Long term health will improve for not only us humans but also for the plant and animal life. Buildings will look cleaner all that dirt and grime will be less and overall a better feeling will take place of the fumes.

The replacing of gas based fuel with electrical power will put more of a demand on the energy grid. Ultimately this extra energy will need to be produced and this would mean more polluting power station fueled by coal or oil. So it may seem like we are just shifting a problem from one place to another. This is true to some extent but no matter how we hate them power station are much more efficient at produce power then gas driven vehicles. By replacing all the cars with electrical vehicles then we would only need around 1/4 of the oil to generate the extra electricity.

The extra power can be reduced even more by smart charging. Vehicles can be plugged into the grid overnight but only charged when there is an excess of power available. This happens quite often through the day as energy demand rises and falls. This could reduce even more the need for extra power stations. A further alternative is for renewable energy powered charging stations. These are sprouting up more and often come in the form of solar parking lots. These take all their power from photovoltaic solar panels that can often act as sunshades for the vehicles parked below.

A lot of those solution will not totally remove the need to extra generation power but in comparison to the benefits of the removal of, hopefully, all those combustion engines from our roads will be far greater.

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