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Hybrid Cars Stepping up the Juice

2011 July 6
by Wispa

The Toyota Pirus series of hybrid cars have been extremely popular since their introduction in 1997. The combination of gasoline and electric has offered a stepping stone to full electric vehicles.

Toyota along with the other main players, Nissan and General Motors are leading the push in Hybrid Technology although it would appear that Toyota is way out in front. The company hopes to achieve world wide sales of 1 million hybrid cars a year by the middle of the decade.

Hybrids have the advantage over pure electric vehicles in they lack the need for the expensive and often heavy batteries. Having the gasoline infrastructure already in place is an added bonus.

With that advantage Toyota are introducing newer models to the Pirus family. Increasing the economy rating and offering more room on the insides.

Also on the cards are plug-in hybrids. These like the fully electric car will allow charging of the internal battery from any place that has an outlet.

Hybrid cars are an extremely good option until technology and infrastructure for electric vesicles matures and become and viable option to gasoline cars for everybody.

While ultimately our town and cities would be so much better with less cars on the road, having cleaner and more efficient cars is a step in the right direction.

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