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Solar Powered Cars of the near Future

2009 April 8
by Wispa

With the inevitable decline of the worlds resources of petroleum, solar powered cars may be a viable alternate fuel in the years to come. The advancements in Electric powered cars are already producing run-a-rounds, although the advances in electrical storage devices needs to catch up to make electric cars an not-so-exotic alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles. The range that you’ll get from a charge of electrical cars is improving but refuelling is no as simple as topping up at the gas station with a few gallons of fuel. Recharging takes too long to wait for and replacing the batteries every few hours in no the simple process as pulling in and pulling out 5 minutes later.

Popping down to pick up the kids and then driving home again, could be manageable and reliable. But for longer journeys and for journeys around town where you cant always stop to charge up its not worth thinking about.

Hopefully the future is a bit more stylish

Hopefully the future is a bit more stylish

As solar technology as a power source becomes more efficient. A stop gap between fossil fuel powered cars and efficient electrical cars could be a hybrid of the whole 3. Gas/Electric hybrids are already with us, but why not take advantage of the idling of your car. Parked from 9am till 5pm in the car park while you toil at work, Solar energy is pouring down and being wasted. Harnessing this solar energy to charge up your electrical car would make a small but still significant effect on the worlds environment, especially as more more vehicles are becoming electrical.

The environment is not at the top of everybody’s list of priorities, but the pennys and cents in your pockets are. Harnessing the solar energy as your 3 way hybrid car sits in the car park, driveway, beach or even cruising about town is less money out of your pocket on Gas, As well as the knock on effects of less pollution, especially in towns and cities, would make the air a little more breathable for a lot of our children.

The combustion engine is going to be with us for a long long time but hopefully efficient alternatives should be around the corner soon to make them less of , the major, part of our daily lives.

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