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Test Drive an Electric Car

2010 December 10
by Wispa

We all want one, a brand new Clean Electric Car, but are still not sure about this new technology coming on our roads. One tempting solution might be to Hire an Electric Car for a personal test drive.

The Car Rental Company Hertz are equipping their fleet with these new electric vehicles and this gives a great opportunity for the prospective buyer to have their hand on the wheels to see how it all performs.

Hertz plan to spoil you for choice with a large range of cars on offer. These will include the Nissan LEAF, the Coda Sedan along with the Mitsubishi i-MEV and the Toyota Pirus hybrid. A good selection for us consumers to try out before we decide to finally purchase one for ourselves.

We can expect other hire companies to follow this example and start offering clean Electric Vehicles in their range for hire. This is just going to give a good boost to the associated infrastructure of charging stations.

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