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Home Wind Power – Domestic Turbines

2009 April 20
by Wispa

Wind Turbines have been sprouting up around the country like massive weeds. There is no doubt that these can be an eyesore if done on a large scale and environmental impact can be massive both to the land and wildlife. But with proper consultation, suitable areas can be found and be much more beneficial.

Home Wind Turbines

Home Wind Turbines

Domestic wind turbines, much smaller than the large industrial forests are an option for most home owners. But like home solar powered electricity you home should be ideally suitable to benefit from free electricity. As well as deciding if you would really like a large windmill in your garden or a smaller one on your roof, you may have neighbours to contend with. Probably the biggest hurdle would be you local planning regulations, depending on which particular state or country you are from.

How does it work?

Your home wind turbine works in a similar way to home solar arrays. Energy needs are purchased as normal from you utility supplier and are supplemented by your wind turbine. The more wind that blows, the more electricity your turbine produces and this reduces your consumption of utility power. Remember after the initial costs of installation all the energy produced by your wind turbine is free and may actually make money. When your electrical consumption drops to below the level that is being produced by your wind turbine the excess can be sold back to your utility supplier further reducing your power costs.

What are the Costs?

This will vary by location, the specifications of your installation and the current and future cost of your electricity.  You could save between 20% and 50% of your homes electrical cost . This could mean that after between 3 to 10 years at most you will have recouped the cost of the wind turbine. Remember this is all Green Energy, so you are reducing your carbon impact for electricity by the same amount 20% – 50%. Further cost savings could be had by various green grants that may be available.

Domestic wind turbine technology is advancing in all areas, efficiency and noise among others, and supplementing home wind power with home solar power is taking a large step forward environmentally and just as importantly now, reducing your energy costs.

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