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Increasing Wind Power in China

2011 July 8
by Wispa

China is becoming the world leader in Wind Energy Production and leaving other counties flapping behind. The hunger for energy has made developing greener options extremely viable.

China Wind Farm Heardsmen

China has gone for wind in a big way with growth in wind power being more than any other forms of renewable energy production in the country. They are still building nasty polluting coal power station to meet demand and by total generating capacity coal still beats wind by a long way.

Since 2005 wind capacity has virtually doubled each year with around 19,000 MW being installed in 2010. This brings the total capacity to over 44,733 MW of electricity generation. A number that is pushing the USA in to a second place spot. The United States is also falling back on new installation with just a measly 5,000 MW installed in 2010.

First place or second place does not matter as this is no way a competition. Cleaner renewable energy could be seen as an ultimate step to preserving our future. Some of the USA’s demise is attributed to the reduction on tax credits for wind installations.

Everybody has targets and China has its own of 90,000 MW by the year 2015. With many large scale wind farms in development it would seem that China can easily achieve and surpass this number.

Wind production has it’s problems like most renewable energies. The obvious one here is the wind does not always blow and thus no power generation. The variability of the wind speed can reduce output to a fraction of the generating capacity.

Energy storage is the key here which lends itself wonderfully to home wind generation. On a larger scale with larger capacities then the problems become much harder.

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